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Tips for living in Malaysia (with a focus on Expats)

Mobil phone


  • Overall the internet providers are not great. If you care about a good connection fiber is the way to go, but many locations (even in KL, Penang and JB don’t offer it). Unifi seems to be by far the best fiber option. Try to get your real estate agent to filter options based on fiber availability but unless you manage to find a much better than average agent don’t take their word for it – check yourself. Without fiber you can get decent access but often with high latency, bad download bandwidth at times, and being completely offline sporadically and customer support problems, etc.. Sadly Unifi doesn’t even have a clearly labeled page on their fiber offering for me to link to.

Johor Bahru:


  • computer repair – several people have recommended techserv
  • MM2H forum has large Penang contingent, local meetings etc.

Kuala Lumpur

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