Tanjung Piai National Park – the Southernmost Point in Asia

raised walkway in the mangrove forest

Tanjung Piai National Park is the Southernmost point in mainland Asia – located in Johor, Malaysia. The park is about 80 km from Johor Bahru.

The video shows my view as I walked through a mangrove forest and emerging onto the Johor Straits. The video zooms in to see part of Singapore (since Singapore is an island off of Asia this point is the southernmost point on mainland Asia instead of Singapore). And if some in Singapore try to claim that title, which some do, then why not Indonesia?

The video also shows the line of ships waiting to dock in Singapore. The end of the video shows the actual southernmost point on continental Asia.

John Hunter with mangrove forest in the background

Me standing on the southernmost point on continental Asia

The Strait of Malacca meets the Strait of Johor here: the Strait of Malacca consists of the sea between Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia while the Strait of Johor rests between Singapore and Malaysia on the southernmost tip of mainland Asia.

Large lizard in the mangrove swamp

Large Lizard (maybe 8 feet long)

You can take a bus from Johor Bahru to Pontian and then catch a taxi to the park (there were many taxis when I was there). Or you can take a taxi from Johor Bahru (about US$30). I wasn’t sure how easy the bus would be, and how easy it would be to get a taxi to go to the park, so I took a taxi from JB. I took a bus back to JB and it is very easy, taking the bus there seems like the best option to me (it was under US$5).

4 birds on the beach

The part itself has mangrove swamps and nice views of the Straits. The walking trails and nice but pretty short, I would estimate under 3 km total. I enjoyed the park, but it isn’t incredibly special except for being the southernmost point in Asia.

walkway over the water

Indonesia is visible in the background. My cell phone picked up a welcome from an Indonesian mobile network.

red eyed crab

Red eyed crab in mangrove swamp

For those interested in nature it is an enjoyable side trip from Johor Bahru. I also spent some time at Kukup and Pontian which was nice. Again certainly nothing spectacular but a nice diversion. I’ll post a bit more on Pontian with another blog post.

small lizard on a dead tree stump

small lizard

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