Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple, Kuala Lumpur

photo of painted relief in the Sri Mahamariamman Temple

The Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple is located at 163 Jalan Tun H.S. Lee Kuala Lumpur, in Chinatown. It is Malaysiaโ€™s oldest functioning Hindu temple, dating back to 1873.

photo of artwork in Sri Mahamariamman Temple

The current structure was built in 1968.

photo of Sri Mahamariamman Temple from the street

Built in the South Indian style, the temple’s 5-tiered gopuram (tower) rises dramatic 23 meters and is decorated with depictions of Hindu gods sculpted by artisans from southern India.

center of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Mariamman is popularly worshipped by overseas Indians, especially Tamils because she is looked upon as their protector during their sojourn to foreign lands. Mariamman is a manifestation of the goddess – Parvati, an incarnation embodying Mother Earth is associated with disease and fever and protects her devotees from unholy or demonic events.

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