Restaurant Rong Hwa in Johor Bahru

My favorite local delivery place closed months ago (or at least the phone number doesn’t work anymore): Gerai Makan Laut Chun Siang.

I found this new place that is good but I don’t have as many dishes I like. The Indonesian prawns are great. I like the samba sotong ok (in photo). Click on the menus to see larger images (so you might be able to read it). It seems to me it is Chinese food with maybe a bit of Malaysian style.

photo of Sambal sotong and bitter gourd

Sambal sotong and bitter gourd from Rong Hwa in JB.

They do have a couple nice vegetable side orders (though nothing I like as much as the fried broccoli at the old place), my favorite is baby kai lan. Bitter gourd (in photo) is strong (I like the bitter gourd in fried eggs better.

photo of Rong Hwa menu

Meals for 2 will cost about 25 to 35 MYR (about USD 10) depending on how much you want and what dishes (in my opinion one small or medium entrรฉe with rice and a side dish is enough for 2 people).

photo of Rong Hwa menu reverse side

I also have more trouble with english than the old place (which is more my fault, but for those with my limited language skills that makes it a bit harder to order from here).

address: 1 Jalan Pelanduck, Taman Century, Johor Bahru 80250
hours: Noon to 1:30 AM
phone: 07 331 1852

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