Lintang Trail, Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo

Forest trail, Lintang trail

The Lintang Trail, Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo is 5.25 km but it offers several additional spur trails. I will post on the spur trails in a future post.

Steep climb on trail, Lintang trail

The trail has quite a bit of step climbs. Along with the spur trails I was quite exhausted when I completed the hike (which is not normal for me). It was fairly hot, combining that with probably a bit over 10 km (which is not normally any problem) and the step climbs got a bit tiring.

The trail went through forests, offered great vistas and included quite a range of different views (scrubs, trees [several different zones of different forest types], rocks, climbs, flat mesas, etc.). The spur trails especially added more variety of different views and flora.

photo of the forest on the Lintang trail

It was quite an enjoyable trail and Bako National Park is something every nature lover should visit if they make it to the Kuching area. I highly recommend visiting and hiking in the park.

photo of Steep trail steps on the Lintang trail

All the photos (and webcast) were taken by John Hunter. If the photo is clickable you may view a larger version by clicking.

photo of brown fungus, Lintang trail

I stayed in Kuching and took a taxi to the park office in the morning, then you must take a 20 minute boat ride to the park itself. Then I did the hikes and then returned to Kuching for the night.

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