Red Tro Cafe, Galleria at Kotaraya in JB

The Red Tro Cafe is a small cafe outside the Galleria at Kotaraya which is in the CBD and old town JB.

photo of nasi goreng sotong (squid fried rice)

Nasi goreng sotong (squid fried rice)

The Nasi goring sotong was quite nice and the meal was under 10 MYR (I think) which is pretty typical (about US$3). The Red Tro Cafe is located right to the Old Chinese Temple, and across the street from the Sikh Temple.

photo of Red Top Cafe

photo of Sikh Temple from Red Top Cafe

Sikh Temple from Red Top Cafe

If you want to sit outside it is a nice choice while visiting JB old town. The food court in the Galleria is quite nice too (it is the best food court in JB in my opinion).

photo of Red Top Cafe sign

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