Carabao Thai Restaurant

Carabao Thai Restaurant is located in Johor Bahru’s CBD, next to the New York Hotel.

photo of the exterior of Carabao Thai Restaurant

The restaurant has only outdoor seating. They spray mists of water and use shade and fans to help keep things relatively cool. I think the setting is the best reason to chose Carabao, as the food is only decent as is the service.

photo of the interior of the Carabao Thai Restaurant

Even though it is downtown they do a nice job of situating the restaurant on the back of the lot with some shade trees so you do get a bit of a feel of escaping the city. They also have a large parking lot.

photo of Green Chicken Curry

Green chicken curry and shrimp with asparagus

The food is decent, I prefer Tera Thai Restaurant but this is another good option for Thai food in the city. I would put Carabao on equal footing with Soul Thai in Jusco Mall @ Bukit Indah. And I prefer Carabao to the Thai restaurant in KSL (it is a chain and the food is, at best, mediocre – the service is good).

photo of Carabao Thai Restaurant entrance

street view with New York Hotel

Carabao Thai Restaurant is to the left of the photo (there is a sign for the restaurant barely visible in lower left of this photo)

web site
address: 16, Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, 80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
phone: 607-335 9333

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