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Good Malaysian Chinese Food Delivery in Johor Bahru

Update – the phone number no longer works for me. A decent alternative is Restaurant Rong Hwa.

My favorite food delivery in Johor Bahru Central Business District (CBD) is Gerai Makan Laut Chun Siang – it is Malaysian Chinese Food.

My favorite dish is Fried Brocoli. I also really like the various sotong (squid) dishes. The long bean omelet is good also. They also have other interesting looking dishes: black pepper deer meet, red wine chicken, egg flower soup and cantonese style kuay tiao. And they have at least 1 dish I have no desire to try: pig stomach soup.

My last meal was Tom Yam Prawn – about half of the order is shown on the plate.

photo of my mean with full prawns

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Dentist in Johor Bahru

I needed to get a regular teeth cleaning, so I searched for a good options the way any internet user would – online. Which reminded me, yet again, that the businesses in Johor Bahru should do better using the internet to market their businesses. One option I found never replied to my email so I moved on to the next: Roland Lin DDS. Again no response to email, but I called them and got an appointment.

photo of external of Lim Dental Surgery office

Exterior of Lim Dental Surgery office inside Holiday Plaza

I found him to be quite good and will go back. I chose him based on recommendations of 2 other bloggers: Dentist Recommended to ExpatsLim Dental Surgery, Johor Baru…I entrust my smile to him.

Location: Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru (Holiday Plaza is the old mall one block from KSL Mall)
Telephone for dentist: 07 331 1858

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