Treasures and Books Store: Used English Language Books in Permas Jaya

Treasures and Books Store in Permas Jaya. Johor Bahru

Treasures and Books Store in Permas Jaya. This photo is taken as you exit McDonald's.

The Treasure Store has a new name and new location. The store has moved to Permas Jaya (where the Straits View Condos are) from the Danga City Mall in Johor Bahrus’ CBD. The new Treasures and Books Store is strait ahead as you step out of the McDonald’s. It is on the same block as the Time Hotel.

It is a great book store for anyone interested in English language books in Johor Bahru (they also have Chinese language books). Books cost quite a bit in Malaysia and Singapore. I am not exactly sure why. I would imagine maybe due to tariffs of some kind, and maybe low demand. Though the book stores seem busier than the average stores in malls, not just for browsing but for purchases. There are very few used books stores (that I have seen) which is odd (since the high new book prices should stimulate the used book market.

photo of books on shelves in the store

Inside the Treasures and Books Store

The Treasures and Books Store has a great selection of “beach reading” (light, enjoyable, escapism) and also offers many used books (which saves money). And you can return books and they will buy them back (for a bit less) so if you read quite a bit you can save a lot over buying new books and just stacking them up in your room.

The store has lots of books by authors such as: John Grishham, J. K. Rowling, Jefrey Archer, Robert Ludlum, Tess Gerritsen, James Paterson, Robert Harris, Sue Grafton, Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston, Stieg Larsson, Richard North Paterson.

The owner is quite friendly and the inventory doesn’t fit in the shop so let her know if you have special requests. Also, I don’t think the store has regular hours, so you would be wise to call (012-7900 928) ahead and make sure it is open before making a trip.

It would be nice to see the selection of science fiction books increase (for me). Does anyone know of any good used books stores that have english language science fiction in Johor Bahru? I found one in Singapore, I’ll try to get a post up about it in the next month or so.

Does anyone know of any English language book discussion groups in Johor Bahru?

In the top photo, I have been told the building in the background is a new Marriott Hotel that should open in 2012. It seems to be taking a long time. I can only imagine they want to make sure the new highway is open before they open. That hotel opening should add a great deal of vitality to Permas Jaya. They already have several good restaraunts, I would imagine that hotel will help those and the Jusco Mall and likely attract new ones (I hear the space next to the book store may be a new western restaurant.

photo of Treasures and Books Store with Straits View Condos in the background

Treasures and Books Store with Straits View Condos in the background. Their sign wasn't up yet (that black sign will be replaced - it is for the previous store).

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  3. Hi dear friends, treasures n books has relocate to 66B, jalan tanjung 2. desa cemerlang. Contact no. is 0133538112. Our website’s still under construction.

  4. Hi! Do you have Larousse Gastronomique book? If have please do send me message. Thanks

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