Taking the Bus from Johor Bahru to Singapore

Taking the bus from Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Singapore is easy once you know what to do.

First go to the Custom and Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) in downtown Johor Bahru right near the causeway to Singapore. Walk through the complex to leave Malaysia (you need your passport, obviously). Once you clear Malaysian passport control you follow the signs to Singapore/Woodlands for the bus (on your left after you leave the passport area). You go downstairs and catch your bus. You pay for the bus, on the bus.

photo of people standing in lines for bus to Singapore at Malaysia CIQ

Lines for bus to Singapore at Malaysia CIQ. On the signs (and the ground) they list what buses the queues are for.

There are various options but the 3 most common are:

  • Queen Street (this gets you to downtown Singapore). You can take the CW2 (direct) of the 160 (many stops – so really you probably don’t want to chose this unless you want to get off before queen street). The Queen street stop lets you off right near Little India. Cost is under RM 4 (update 2014 – with increases in tolls the busses hiked fares by under 1 RM, they are a much better value now, since car and taxi tolls increases so much).
  • MRT – if you want to go to the Singapore MRT you can take the 170 or CW1 to Kranji station. Woodlands is the closest station but there isn’t a bus to there (that I know of). Cost is under RM 3 (after 2014 increase).
  • Airport – the airport bus takes you directly to the Changi Airport in Singapore and costs RM 7 (from Singapore to JB it costs SGD 7 – I am not sure of the prices after the 2014 increase). The bus is a small bus (seats about 20 maximum) – asking people where it is, will be the easiest way to find it. This bus only runs once an hour. This bus works great but you should be aware if you get stuck in customs trying to get into Singapore it is possible the bus will leave without you. If that happens catch the 170 to Kranji and take the MRT to the airport. I think the bus will wait 20 minutes for people to clear customs (and if several of you are not back yet the bus may wait, but missing it is something to consider).
  • photo of Kranji MRT in Singapore

    Kranji MRT in Singapore. There is a bakery right where the bus lets you off. To catch the bus back to Customs you have to cross over the road so you are on the opposite side from the MRT.

    The busses will take you across the causeway to Singapore and then you will disembark (with any luggage and belongings) and go through Singapore customs and then go back downstairs and catch your bus. The CW1, CW2, 170 and 160 run frequently during the day and evening (every few minutes to every 15 minutes for some).

    Overall it is an easy process and doesn’t take too long. But at rush hours (especially Friday night or on holidays) it can get very busy and backed up. I hear the morning rush from JB into Singapore is pretty bad, but I have gone a bit later (9:30 AM) when I have gone, and it has been fine (most of the time).

    The prices are from Singapore to JB are the same number but in SGD which means about 2.5 times as much money. So, for example, from Queen Street to JB is $3.30 (versus 3.30 RM).

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    photo of lines for buses into Singapore (under Singapore customs)

    Lines for buses into Singapore (under Singapore customs)

    It is also possible to catch the CW3 and CW4 over near the 2nd link and take that into Singapore. For more details on the CW buses (yellow) see the Causeway Link web site.

    When going to Johor Bahru from Singapore you can exit the CIQ after passing through customs (to go in downtown JB – City Square…) or take the bus to Larkin Bus station (and I think some also go on to other destinations in Johor Bahru).

    Taxis are a bit of a pain between Johor Bahru and Singapore. Normal taxis can’t go between the countries. There are certain taxis that are allowed to. From Johor Bahru they will take you to Queen Street in Singapore (that is the only location you can go to). And from Singapore you have to catch it from Queen Street and it takes you to the downtown bus terminal (near Landmark Mall – a dying mall). From Singapore to the Larkin Bus terminal in Johor Bahru is SGD 40. You can take the taxi yourself and it costs that. Or you can split it with others waiting (up to 4 others so $10 each). If you want to go to somewhere else in Johor Bahru you can but it will cost $50 (or more). There are other special taxis that can go to the airport and maybe other locations (they are expensive).

    20 thoughts on “Taking the Bus from Johor Bahru to Singapore

    1. Hi, i am going Singapore, i have no idea about, i will stay in Johor Pasir gudang, how can i take a bus to Johor Custom and to Singapore custom. And after Singapore custom the what bus to Beach road?.Please advise

    2. Hi, I am going to work in KK women’s hospital but will reside in Permas Jaya. I was thinking of taking the bus from JB to Sg and then MRT to KKH. I would really appreciate it if you could advise what route is best to get there and back.
      Thank you.

    3. Today I took CW3 from Gelang Petah bus terminal to Singapore through the 2nd link .. it took about 1 hour only to reach Jourong East station, traffic on the link was acceptable.

      You will avoid JB CS congested roads, since that place in far from the city

    4. Hello I am planning to go to universal studio in Singapore from Johor bahru ? What I should do interms of transport and customs please .. Thxs

    5. Hi
      Me and my family are going to Singapore. Since the hotel prices are more accordable in Johor Bahru we consider to stay in JB and do sightseeing in Singapore. Is it too difficult?
      How much time would we have to spend on transportation to Singapore and back on a daily basis?
      We are going to travel around Malaysia too, but calculate on sight seeing in Singapore for 2-3 days.

    6. I will be Travelling from Bukit Indah JB to Singapore. I would prefer to travel in the evening, say between 6pm and 7pm. What bus service is available from there?

    7. Hi i want to visit singapore i hav lots of friends there i am filipina working here in johor bahru do i am allowed to go there. What do i need to present and how to go there by bus?

    8. Hi good morningšŸ˜Š
      ..im planning to go to Singapore this coming Sunday but it’s my first time to commute..can I ask the proper sketch back and port from CIQ to lucky plaza..lucky plaza to CIQ.. Thank you

    9. Hope someone can provide detail directions on the following queries.
      1) If I am at City Square (next to JB Sentral Train Station), how do I walk to the JB Sentral Bus terminal ? Any big roads to cross ?

      2) If I am at City Square (next to JB Sentral Train Station), how do I walk to the JB CIQ complex ?

      Thanks very much !

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