Getting a Voltage Transformer in Johor Bahru

As noted earlier, in trying to cope with the noise pollution at my condo, I ordered some devices to help mask the most annoying noises. One of the devices I ordered was sleep mate (which generates “white noise” mechanically). But in my sleep deprived state (from not being able to sleep with all the noise) I didn’t notice that it required 115 volts (this is used in the USA, but Malaysia uses 240 volts).

photo of voltage converter box

Ultimax voltage transformer 240 volts to 115 voltes.

In order to use a device that can only take 115 volts you need a transformer to convert the volts down from 240 to 115. Finding such a transformer in Johor Bahru was not easy, but I finally did at a little electronics shop. If you are looking for a voltage converter give them a call. I would try and get this same model – it was far cheaper than other options. And the other options required some additional wiring (the shop is more for electricians than just people wanting a transformer to plug in and use). The staff was very helpful.

photo of Hitectrons Store front

Hitectrons store - lots of electronic components

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Address: 25 Jalan Sutera Satu, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru
Phone: 07-3344471
email: [email protected]

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5 thoughts on “Getting a Voltage Transformer in Johor Bahru

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  2. Hi, thanks for sharing for your experienced.
    Now i’ve got the same problem as yours.
    i pre-ordered my PS4 from amazon US.
    But i just noticed that US voltage and pin are different from malaysia.
    So i’m looking for some solution to get my problem solve.

    Do you have any problem using the converter? such as device can’t work problem due to different voltage?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. It works fine. You just have to be careful to make sure you have the right settings for your device. If you use it in the wrong way it can ruin your electronics.

  4. at the back of the transformer, there’s a switch to change between 110 or 220. may i know at what voltage did you set the switch?


  5. That depends on what the device you are using needs. Setting it at the wrong one can destroy whatever you plug in, so you have to be very careful. Wikipedia has some information and you can search the web for more.

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