Salahuddin Bakery, Downtown Johor Bahru

This bakery in downtown Johor Bahru has excellent breads and great prices. It is downtown in the historic district. It is on the same block as the Masjid India (an Indian Mosque).

photo of various breads

Bread at Johor Bahru Bakery

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photo of muffins and breads

Muffins and breads

photo of shops in Johor Bahru historic district

Johor Bahru historic walk district with the Inidian Mosque Mineret in the background.

photo of the entrance to the bakery

Entrance to the bakery is on the left (unfortunately this is not a good photo, you can't see the name of the bakery for example).

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    I haven’t personally tried most of your experiences here but I really do enjoy following your blogs. Your a great blogger.

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